When working with glue, chemicals and other compounds it is important that you know them, understand them and respect them. Many products that we use if not handled correctly can become dangerous or can cause harm. One such product is structural adhesives.

When we work with adhesives, we are working with compounds that combine two or more objects together. This process is known as bonding. When two items are bonded together, they are not meant to come apart.

structural adhesives

When we are working with adhesives if they do not work, it could be disastrous. These adhesives can be very strong and very hard to remove. If the item becomes bonded together during assembly or fabrication, you cannot just pull it apart as that puts excessive force on both items. This in turn can cause the pieces to break or become unusable. If this happens extra cost can be required to fix it.

Wear protective clothing

It is important that you wear protective clothing. Gloves, goggles and face masks are only a few of these items. Not only are they able to protect you from any damage, but also will prevent the adhesives from becoming inadvertently bonded to your skin. The adhesives could be very difficult and costly to remove if this happens.

One such example is an adhesive called epoxy resin. This is a two-part compound that hardens under pressure. One of the best ways to remove this is with a solvent. If the item has bonded after it has set, you could be in for some difficulty to get them apart.

Using protective clothing not only protects your skin but also cuts down on cleanup time and reduces any waste that can occur in the event of an accident or spillage. It is your responsibility to learn what to do, how to protect yourself and others. Doing so will ensure a safe and secure work environment.