How To Deal With Masonry Repair

Brick and stone are great mediums to work with when building a strong structure. When we build a house, wall or other structures with these materials we want to do it in a way that we don’t have to worry about repairs. However, over time masonry repair will need to be done.

This article will cover some tips and ideas on how to handle these repairs.

Condition of the wall: If you have a brick or stone wall that is in really bad shape then I would recommend tearing it down, or removing as much of it as possible. If this is not an option for whatever reason then start with other masonry repair options.

Bricks: Sometimes fixing bricks, is easier than removing and replacing them. This can be the case for small divots in brick walls from people leaning against it or hitting it with a baseball bat. What you want to do is build your fill out of mortar the same size as the outside bricks that are next to the hole. The mortar should extend beyond the brick by about 3/8 to 1/2″. Maintain enough pressure while doing this that the brick walls don’t start to crack.

masonry repair

Stone: Stone can be a bit harder. You will need to find similar stone that joins well with your existing stone, and has similar color. Pack as much as you can into the hole and then start to build it up. You want to use a rock hammer or chisel and tap the stone back into place. As you do this try to avoid putting outward pressure on the face of the stone, instead tap from its edges.  You also should try and tap in one direction at a time.  This will help maintain the shape and integrity of your stone wall.

When it comes to doing repairs, knowing your materials and your options will lead to greater success.